Emma Power

Dr Emma Power is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Emma’s research program investigates the interconnection between housing governance and homemaking cultures through analysis of:

power_r-background_2015– Politics of care and housing security

– Ageing, home and housing security

– Companion animals and urban policy

Emma is an ARC DECRA Fellow. Her project, ‘Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women‘ investigates how housing policy and governance, and ongoing housing mobility, inform how single older women who do not own a home create and maintain a sense of home and security. The project asks how older women can find housing security and a house that is a home.

Emma is Editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy and co-founder of the Housing Journal Podcast.

Emma holds an Honours degree in Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Education and PhD in Human Geography. She served as Vice President of the Geographical Society of NSW (2012-2016) and Board Member at the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales (2012-2016).

 Banner image: Philip Bouchard