Emma Power

Dr Emma Power is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Emma’s research program investigates the interconnection between housing governance and homemaking cultures through analysis of:

power_r-background_2015– Politics of care and housing security

– Ageing, home and housing security

– Companion animals and urban policy

Emma is an ARC DECRA Fellow. Her project, ‘Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women‘ investigates how housing policy and governance, and ongoing housing mobility, inform how single older women who do not own a home create and maintain a sense of home and security. The project asks how older women can find housing security and a house that is a home.

Emma holds an Honours degree in Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Education and PhD in Human Geography. She served as Vice President of the Geographical Society of NSW (2012-2016) and Board Member at the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales (2012-2016).



 Banner image: Philip Bouchard