cfp. The Politics of ‘Caring With’, IAG 2017


Call for Papers: Institute of Australian Geographers Conference – Brisbane, 11-14 July, 2017

Paper Session: The Politics of ‘Caring With’

Care is critical to many contemporary debates around social policy and service provision. Following Tronto (1993), care has been conceptualised through the practices of caring about, taking care of, care giving and care receiving. However, little attention has been paid to how individuals and organisations care ‘with’ vulnerable people. Understanding care as something that people do with, rather than for others recognises that people who receive care are not always powerless. ‘Caring with’ decentres the care giver, recognising that care receivers co-create care relations, practices and spaces. ‘Caring with’ relies on communication, dialogue, mutuality and expressions of solidarity. This session invites papers that consider relations and practices of caring with, including materialities of care, economies of care, caring subjectivities, caring ethoses, care relationality and performativity, spaces of care, and care as materialised and practiced in social policy and service provision.

Session organisers: Kathy Mee and Faith Curtis (University of Newcastle), Miriam Williams (Macquarie University) and Emma Power (Western Sydney University)

Submit an abstract via the conference website and also get in contact with me to indicate interest (Emma Power –


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