Three reasons the government promotes home ownership for older Australians

11415768915_de45e25243_oGovernment strategies to manage population ageing largely assume that older Australians are home owners. There is often an implied association between home ownership and ageing well: that is, older Australians who own homes are seen as having made the right choices and as being less of a budget burden.

The problem with this approach is that not everyone is or can be a home owner. A great many households are, for many reasons, locked out of home ownership.

My analysis of 20 years of federal government ageing strategies and age-focused analyses of the housing system shows that Australian governments of all persuasions have shared three common beliefs about the economic value of home ownership in later life. They have promoted home ownership as:

  • somewhere to live;
  • an asset to rent or sell; and
  • a way to access and spend equity.

Read the article in The Conversation here. 

Read the research paper in The Geographical Journal here. 

Image credit: Mark Moz

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