Valuing Housing, Valuing Home – cfp IAG/NZGS 2018

Valuing Housing, Valuing Home

Institute of Australian Geographers/ New Zealand Geographical Society Conference 11-14 July 2018, Auckland.


This session will explore the changing valuing of housing and home. Recognising the diverse roles and functions that housing and home play – and are being called on to play – in social and economic life, the session invites papers exploring how residents, investors, families, households, institutions, the state, and so on, value housing and home. Papers might explore for instance, how different registers of value (eg financial, emotional or infrastructural) intersect and reshape the boundaries of dwelling. The session is also interested in papers that explore the calculative practices driving cultures of valuing and the ways these practices shape domestic landscapes and territories across scale. Overall, the session examines how cultures of domestic valuing connect and construct economic, environmental and legal worlds.

 We welcome papers exploring:

 *housing wealth and inter-generational equity

*the home as investment vehicle

*calculative practices, technologies and techniques of valuing home

*metering and mining: technologies at home

*speculative housing development and the state

*changing values of housing and home in the context of transition (and or crisis)

*the changing nature (and implications) of market and/or non-market home values

Please submit abstract to the conference website and email to and by Friday 13th April 2018.

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