Older women and home

We hear a lot about the housing affordability crisis facing young people. But how are older people faring?

Western Sydney University researcher Dr Emma Power wants to hear the stories of how older women who do not own their home are grappling with housing security in Sydney, including the Blue Mountains and Illawarra.

 “Despite many older Australians benefiting from home ownership during a period of enormous growth in housing prices, growing numbers do not own their own home and are at risk of housing insecurity and even homelessness. Older women who live on a low income, such as the pension, and do not own their own home are particularly at risk.”

The research asks what needs to change so that women can gain and keep secure housing and a secure sense of home. It aims to tell women’s stories about housing security and making home in our increasingly unaffordable cities.

The research is funded by an Australian Research Council DECRA fellowship.

Interested to participate in the research?