Participate in the research


house_button_older-womenAre you an older woman who is single, widowed or divorced, living on a low income and not a homeowner?

We hear a lot about the housing crisis facing young people. But how are older people fairing?

You are invited to share your stories of housing and home with Dr Emma Power, Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University.

This new research, funded by the Australian Research Council, aims to tell women’s stories about housing security and making home in our increasingly unaffordable city.

  • Is the place you live your ‘home’?
  • Do you ever worry about where you will live as you get older?
  • Do you live in greater Sydney (including the Central Coast, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains) – or move out of these areas due to affordability or to gain housing?

To get more information or participate in this new, Australian Research Council funded research, contact or call us on 0488 950 415. Alternatively, send me an email using the form below.

Participation will involve an interview where we will talk about your experiences of housing security and making home. Interviews will take place at your home or other location that is convenient to you. You will receive a $60 gift voucher to acknowledge your time.