This research investigates the social value of cooperative housing. It is a partnership with the Cooperative Housing Network in Australia, with partner organisations in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

The research responds to growing problems of housing affordability and security in Australia. Growing numbers of households are locked out of home ownership or are over leveraged and rental affordability is declining nationally. Pressure is building throughout the housing system, impacting service provision, housing prices and social housing waitlists. There is need to provide a diverse range of affordable housing options. The research is investigating the capacity of cooperative housing models to expand the diversity of housing options in Australia. It asks questions about the social and economic return on investment offered by cooperative housing.

The research commenced in 2021. It is funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage Program grant and supported by Western Sydney University, The University of Newcastle and Swinburne University.

Team: Louise Crabtree, Emma Power, Neil Perry, Western Sydney University; Sidsel Grimstad, The University of Newcastle; Wendy Stone, Swinburne University.

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